Short Term Health Insurance In Louisiana

For Louisiana residents who cannot afford traditional health care or for those who are temporarily uninsured, short term coverage makes it possible to purchase a 90-day plan for an affordable rate. These plans limit the services and amounts they cover, but they are relatively easy to apply for and take effect almost immediately.

To control the cost of temporary insurance, most policies set a yearly and lifetime limit on benefits. Many of the plans don’t pay for prescription medication, preventive care, dental, vision, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, maternity care or pre-existing conditions. They generally cover treatments and services related to unexpected injury and illness, including doctor and emergency room visits, surgeries, hospital stays, and related lab work and X-rays.

If you have a preexisting condition, you may be able to extend your work insurance under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). This law allows you to keep work-based coverage after you leave your job in some cases, but it can be much more expensive since your employer won’t be covering any portion of the premiums anymore.  

In addition to providing a less expensive alternative to traditional insurance, short term health insurance plans offer temporary coverage to people who are waiting for group coverage to start, between jobs, or in transition. If you buy temporary insurance in the state of Louisiana, you will not be eligible for a guaranteed health plan under HIPAA. These plans are intended for people who have trouble getting health insurance, and they are usually expensive. If you want to stay eligible for a HIPAA plan, do not buy short term health insurance. To better understand your rights, talk to your health benefits advisor or an agent about your options.

The application process for short term insurance is relatively easy, and some temporary plans are available by the next day as long as your application gets approved and you pay your premium. If you buy a short term plan, remember that it’s not ACA compliant, and you may incur a tax penalty for being uninsured. That penalty, however, will be zeroed out starting January 2019.

Carriers Offering Short Term Policies in Louisiana

UHC (Golden Rule Insurance Company)

Companion Life Insurance Company

International Health Care (IHC)

Independence American Insurance Company

Lifeshield National Insurance Company

National General Accident and Health

Standard Life


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