Having health insurance is important, but having the right health insurance could save your life. Since the Affordable Care Act passed into law in 2013, options for consumers have changed dramatically. Consumers can now get a plan under the ACA that provides comprehensive coverage, and most importantly they can not be rejected for coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Unfortunately, since the launch of the ACA rates for these plans have been increasing dramatically, sometimes making the plans unaffordable for individuals or families. If you are one of the approximately seven million individuals who find themselves not eligible for a subsidy, or still unable to afford a major medical / Obamacare plan even with a subsidy, a short term health insurance could be an excellent alternative under the right circumstances.

Health insurance under the ACA is regulated and strictly managed by HHS.  Short term health insurance, and the health insurance marketing industry at large, is far less regulated. This has resulted in a number of companies and less than ethical individuals trying to exploit consumers by selling them coverage that is not actually insurance, or by simply misleading them about what the real benefits and limitations of short-term-health-insurance are. In an inviroment like that, it is critical consumers do a little more work to understand what they are getting and who they are getting it from if they want a short-term health insurance plan. This is why we, HealthNetwork Group, a consumer focused healthcare company that has always placed consumers needs first, created this website. We have been helping more than 15 million American households safely research their options on an annual basis.

Where You Can Get The Facts On Short-Term Health Plans

ShortTermHealthInsurance.com is a place where consumers can research and learn the facts about short term health insurance plans. We also provide reviews and ratings on not just each specific carrier and their plans, but the different websites and insurance brokers where you can purchase these plans. We also provide complete transparency and detailed information on how we calculate these ratings.

We also feature an area within our site that details the different websites that you might want to avoid. Any company or website fearured within our Sites To Avoid section is there because we have tested their consumer experience and have determined it to be misleading, high-risk or associated with fraud.

A Short Term Health Insurance Plan, under the right circumstances, can be a great fit for individuals healthcare needs, even as a year-round solution. That said, it is critical that you have all of the facts, and our goal is to make  ShortTermHealthInsurance.com the very best resource for consumers seeking those facts and a trusted resource for help.