Short Term Health Insurance In Georgia

People who live in the state of Georgia can buy short term health care plans that last up to 90 days. Some plans allow consumers who need insurance for longer than 90 days to lock in a rate with the initial application. When the 90-day policy expires, the next policy will automatically be activated with no lapse in coverage. There’s a monthly option to cancel.

Temporary insurance is intended to provide protection against out-of-pocket charges in the event of unexpected hospitalization or injury. Most insurance companies, however, limit the amount they pay for covered services during one 90-day enrollment. Short term insurance coverage currently does not protect enrollees from being charged a tax penalty under the Affordable Care Act at the end of the year, but new laws zero out that penalty starting in January 2019.

Consumers can buy short term coverage at any time during the year, but coverage is not guaranteed. Short term enrollees may pay discounted rates for medical visits, co-pays, a percentage of the amount charged or the balance of charges that exceed the amount the insurance company agreed to pay. Temporary coverage may not cover some kinds of medical services, such as prescribed medications, pre-existing conditions, routine screenings or maternity care. Definitions for pre-existing conditions differ, but most plans use the term to refer to a condition that has been diagnosed or treated within the past three to five years. At least one insurer sells specific plans, however, that guarantee coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

To be eligible for a short term health care plan in Georgia, you must be a resident of the state, at least 30 days old but not no older than 64, and not eligible for Medicare. Short term coverage falls into three broad time frames: when coverage is needed for a short period of time; when open enrollment is closed and there is no qualifying event, such as marriage or the birth of a child; or when traditional health insurance is not affordable.

You may want temporary coverage for various situations, such as being between jobs, waiting for major medical coverage to start, working as a seasonal or temporary employee, or turning 26 and no longer being qualified under a family plan. When you buy a short term plan, you’re not locked in forever. Just as an insurer can drop your coverage at its discretion, you can also drop your plan, and you might even be eligible for a refund. The Georgia Department of Insurance Law guarantees the return of the full premium during the first 10 days of coverage to anyone who requests a refund.


Carriers Offering Short Term Policies in Georgia

Companion Life Insurance Company
UHC (Golden Rule Insurance Company)
International Health Care (HCI)
Independence American Insurance Company
LifeShield National Insurance Company
National General Accident & Health



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