Short Term Health Insurance In Alabama

If you live in Alabama, you can apply for a short term health insurance plan that lasts up to 90 days. Federal regulations limit Alabama temporary insurance plans to durations of less than three full months. These limited-duration plans provide a cushion of protection during a short gap in traditional coverage, such as a period of time between jobs or while waiting to enroll in a major medical plan through an Obamacare marketplace.

Some Alabama short term insurers do offer four-packs of 90-day plans. With this setup, as soon as one plan ends, the next one automatically begins. This approach allows you to receive almost a full year of short term coverage without having to repeat the application process every three months. It may also lock in your rates so you pay the same price during all 12 months of coverage.

You do not have to keep your temporary health insurance coverage for a full three months. Most plans allow you to sign up for a shorter period or cancel your plan early. For example, if you get a new job that provides employer-sponsored insurance, you may choose to end your temporary health plan sooner than you’d originally expected. The minimum coverage period for a short term plan in Alabama is typically one month.

Temporary health insurance does not qualify as minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Therefore, even if you have a temporary health plan, you may be subject to a fine for not carrying health insurance. Beginning in 2019, the federal government will no longer impose this fee for people who do not carry major medical insurance.

Alabama short term health insurance plans are available year-round, so you do not have to wait for an open enrollment period to apply. Sometimes, coverage can begin as soon as the next day.

The end of a short term plan does not count as a significant life event that qualifies you for a special enrollment period for an individual health insurance plan that is compliant with the ACA. If you need a new individual health plan after your short term plan ends or is terminated, you may need to sign up for another temporary plan or wait for the annual open enrollment period to begin.

Short term health plans are not subject to rules about minimum coverage that ACA-compliant plans must follow. Temporary health insurers do not typically cover pre-existing conditions, and they may not provide coverage for prescription drugs, preventive care, maternity care or mental health services.

Insurers often accept only applicants who are in good health. Short term health insurance is medically underwritten, so insurers can turn you down for any reason, including prior health issues. Signing up for four 90-day plans in a row may allow you to go through the medical underwriting process only one time a year. However, short term insurers do have the right to terminate your coverage at their discretion.

Carriers Offering Short Term Policies in Alabama

Companion Life Insurance Company (Pivot Health)
Golden Rule Insurance Company (UnitedHealthcare)
IHC Group (Independence Holding Company)
Independence American Insurance Company
LifeShield National Insurance Company
National General Accident and Health
Everest Prime
Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company

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